Interested in hiring us to cover your event? You've come to the right place. Please check out the photo galleries to see what we can do.

Things to keep in mind.

  1. All access. We must have complete access to provide you with optimum photos. Backstage, parties and behind the scenes go over well with the fans, trust me.

  2. Trust. You must trust us to get good quality images and not come up with some paparazzi style crap. We do not publish nudes, drugs or other illegal items. We do not take pictures of brick walls or railroad tracks. Seriously, Pink Floyd did the brick wall thing, did it huge and ruined it for the rest of you. Too many crappy bands with no vision do the train track or wall thing.

  3. Drinks. Yeah, keep 'em coming!

  4. Quality. If you play at a venue with 3 blazing red lights, your photos are going to suck. Pure and simple. Not much I can do about it as I hate using flash to light up the stage. Please check ahead and see what you're going to be working with. Make sure you know where the lights are pointed. I've lost sets because someone's crotch was lit up, not their face. I recommend tipping the lighting people. It works! If the place has shitty lighting and can't adjust them, you probably shouldn't be playing there and/or having photos taken there.

  5. Photo rights. I maintain all copyrights regarding my photos. I do not sign them away, I'm not your employee. The photos are mine! If you expect me to sign something, go find a newbie photographer who doesn't know better and screw them over.

  6. Image quality. If you have your friends take all your photos with low grade cameras, no skills or a combination, your photos will show it. Again, my work speaks for itself. Blurry, streaked and poorly composed shots look bad, make you look bad and do nothing positive for your image. This also goes for the shots that blow out the proportions such as a huge, tilted head with misshapen shoulders. Also be aware of "self taught experimental" photographers. Their work is usually horrific and you should expect your set to be similar. Check their work, and references. Use caution and sober judgment.

  7. Photo completion. When your images are ready, if you've not paid within 60 days (or as per agreement), the photos will be deleted. They cannot be recovered and I will not take the time to attempt to recover them.

  8. Photos of you, your club and/or your band are a direct reflection of your ability to deliver. Record companies, club goers and talent scouts don't look too kindly on horrible or no photos. They want to see something encouraging, not a blurred, poorly composed mess. Again, do your research on your photographer and their work.

  9. I've covered as many as 200 concerts in a year. I've spent almost a decade working to gain the trust of the clubs, promoters, bands, DJ's, MC's and various other celebrities. I get along great with people and get in, get the shots and stay out of the way. I've been making my way backstage since I was 13 and didn't have to blow anyone.

  10. You get the respect you show me. Disrespect me and I'm gone, your photos are deleted and if you've paid in advance, you are not getting a refund. Simply put, don't be a douche. I may find the worst photo of you and post it though, if it makes you look like a dipshit.

E-mail me to see what I can do for you - Media at IntoForever dot com.

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